Library Expansion Project

Feasibility Study Summary

Preliminary Design for Library Expansion
1/10/2014 Final Report from Scott Simons Architects

Response to Town Council from Library Trustees
11/26/2013 Letter in response to questions raised at November 13 Town Council meeting.

Presentation to Falmouth Town Council
Wednesday, November 13

Presentation to Falmouth Town Council.

Public Forum for Library Expansion
Wednesday, October 30, 6-8 pm

Library Presentation with notes from October 30 meeting.

Scott Simons Architects Presentation from October 30 meeting (2 parts):  SSA Part 1    SSA Part 2

The public was  invited to the final public forum for the preliminary design phase of the expansion of Falmouth Memorial Library.  The meeting was facilitated by Scott Simons Architects.  The above three links are to copies of the presentations from that evening event.

The objective of this first phase has been to determine the library’s current and future expansion needs and to see if those needs can be met on site, with or without the acquisition of more land. Throughout this phase, Scott Simons Architects have invited and incorporated feedback from a broad range of stakeholders including feedback they received from the public meeting held on September 10.  Come see the architect’s conceptual drawings, ask questions and provide feedback.  Scott Simons Architects will use any information gathered at this meeting to develop a final conceptual plan to be presented to the Town Council on November 13, 2013.


The Library Trustees have been working with the Town of Falmouth to investigate the best options for a library expansion. The community’s current demand for Library materials and programming greatly exceeds the building’s capacity, and the demand is only expected to increase.

On Tuesday, September 10, the Trustees held a public meeting at the library to discuss the Library’s space needs, to introduce Scott Simons Architects who is preparing a preliminary site design for expansion, and to receive feedback from the community on the progress of the project.

Any comments or questions about the Library Expansion Project should be directed to Andi Jackson-Darling at 781-2351 or

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Meeting Documents:

Library Expansion Needs Presented by Andi Jackson-Darling, Director and Amy Kuhn, Library Trustee

Public Meeting for Library Expansion Presented by Scott Simons Architects