Teen Space

Borrow a Laptop or more!

     The library has more than books and videos at your disposal. Don’t forget that we offer public computers and even laptops that you can use within the library!Wemail

Personal Help

Need to find a book? Of course we can help!  But what if you need to know a fact on the run, or help in setting up a bibliography, to find out when a book or movie is going to come out, or to learn how to do or fix nearly anything? Well talk to a librarian! We’re here to help you find the information you need, whatever it is, from a quick fact to an expansive topic.  Come and give a try!  To find out more information, call 781-2351, or email us at the address above!

Online Study Overload?

     Confused by the catalog? Done in by our Databases? We can help! If you’re feeling flustered by how to get the most of our online resources, from how to find good articles for a paper or project, how to properly put together a bibliography, or any of the other useful topics that the Library can help with, make an appointment with Will, our Youth Services Librarian. He’s happy to sit down with you and help to work through it all. To set up an appointment, call 781-2351, or email us at the address above!

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