The library will be closed to the public until further notice to deter the spread of COVID-19.

Library Takeout We’ve come so far this summer getting everything back in order, and now we’re ready to start our version of curbside service – Library Takeout. So this is how it will work – it’s as easy at 1-2-3… 

1) Place a Hold, 2) Wait for a Notice, 3) Pick Up Your Items

1. Place a Hold: Starting the week of Labor Day, we will reopen our online catalog so that you can place holds again. This will also include placing holds for items via Inter Library Loan (ILL); we will be resuming daily delivery from other libraries. If you have trouble doing this yourself online or if you do not currently have access to a computer, just give us a call on our special Library Takeout hotline 207-781-7782 and we can help you place your hold. If we aren’t available immediately to take your call, leave your contact information and we’ll call you back. 

2. Wait for a Notice: Once we receive your hold request, staff will pick your items from the shelves and you will get a notice that they’re ready for pick-up. Please wait for this notice BEFORE you make an appointment, it may take a little longer than usual, but we’ll take all the orders as we receive them, and give some grace time to bundle request for one pickup time. You can call us to make an appointment, or book it yourself online, via our event calendar, http://falmouthmemoriallibrary.evanced.info/signup/calendar.  Beginning September 15, appointments will be available Tuesday 10am-4pm, Wednesday 4pm – 7pm, and Thursday 10am-4pm.  As we get caught up, and as we hire more staff, we will add times and days to improve service. For now, this will give us time to pull items and shelve returns during off hours.

3. Pick Up Your Items: We will have designated parking spots outside the staff entrance for you to wait for Library Takeout. Simply call the number on the sign, our hotline 207-781-7782, give us your name and library card number and which space you’re parked in. Have your library card or ID ready to display and pop your trunk. We’ll be wearing a mask, and we ask you to do so as well as we check your ID. 

So it’ll work a lot like the restaurant and grocery takeout you may have already gotten used to. We’ll also have signs when you get here to help minimize confusion, but if you have questions, call the Library Takeout Hotline – we will have staff answering Monday-Friday, 9-5, until 7 on Wednesday. A few more things to keep in mind. 

  • We’re fortunate to have watched other libraries develop these services successfully already, but please know this is a new service for us, so give us feedback and we’ll tweak it and make it better as we go! 
  • If you’re placing holds for items “on shelf”, you may be able to bundle these in one trip as the notices should come close together and you’ll have a week before the holds are cleared and returned to the shelf. But if you’re placing a hold for an item in another library or one in high demand, please do expect it to take a little longer, as all libraries in Maine are seeing longer wait times right now due to the quarantine procedures we’re all using to minimize potential exposure to the virus. 
  • We are quarantining ALL items that are returned for 4 days, based on best practices for libraries across the state. So when you return items, you won’t see it come off your account for a few more days. Don’t worry, you won’t incur fines during this grace period. 
  • Please continue to return all books to the book drop – we cannot take books from you directly, so that we can maintain this safer quarantine protocol. Also, no donations please – we simply do not have the space and staff capacity to handle donations right now while we are holding books for quarantine. 
  • Don’t forget your library card! We will only allow pickups when you have either your card or ID to identify yourself, all regular circulation policies apply.  
  • If you applied for an electronic only card during the shut-down, you can stop by between 9am-10am on Tuesday or Thursday, show your ID/verify your Falmouth address, and we will convert your card to a full-service library card. We can also do this verification via a curbside appointment if that is more convenient. 

Jenna Mayotte
Library Director

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