A Political Page-Turner

“The Other Woman”  grabbed me right from the beginning and I found it hard to put down.  Jane Ryland, a rising television star, is disgraced when she refuses to reveal a source.  Jane, subsequently sued and fired,  finds herself  back  to  newspaper reporting , relegated to political puff pieces.  However, it is not long before Jane find herself tracking down a prominent Senate candidate’s secret mistress instead of interviewing his suddenly reclusive wife, as she has been asked to do.

At the same time, Detective Jack Brogan, Jane’s love interest, is investigating a possible serial killer after two women’s bodies have been found under similar circumstances.  As the body count rises and the election gets closer it becomes apparent that Jane and Detective Brogan’s cases are connected.

“The Other Woman” is a compelling intricate plotted  political mystery/thriller that has multiple story lines and intrigues all racing right up to some twists at the end.  This book is the first in a new series featuring Jane Ryland and Jack Brogan from author Hank Phillippi Ryan who has a background in investigative reporting.  This background in investigative reporting  really makes the writing come alive and feel authentic.  If you want a book with a good mix of everything and will make you want to ignore your “to do” list-pick up “The Other Woman” by Hank Phillippi Ryan.