Leon & Louise by Alex Capus

Summer, 1918.  As the first World War comes to an end, Leon and Louise’s life long love affair begins.  Both are living in a small French village, helping with the war effort:  Leon takes a job deciphering Morse Code messages, and Louise informs families when their soldier has died.  Both are injured by German artillery fire and think the other dead.  Though devastated, both move on with their lives, and when they meet again, years later, Leon is married with a family and a good job.  He never stopped loving Louise, but he does love his family, and has to figure out how to live with his heart torn.  Capus explores love during wartime, and the dilemma Leon, Louise and Leon’s wife each face.

Leon and Louise is a quirky wartime love story, perfect for a weekend read.  It is the story of the author’s grandfather, which makes it that much more appealing.

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