Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart

1914, Bergen County. Constance Kopp has been sequestered on the family farm with her sisters because of a family secret.  While travelling into town one day, a motorcycle driven by the crooked son of a silk factory owner crashes into their buggy.  When Constance pursues  him for $50 in damages, he refuses.  Constance enlists the help of the local sheriff; she won’t be scared off , and she will get her money.  What ensues is a delicious adventure, with intriguing subplots and historical backdrop (the story was discovered in an old newspaper article about the real Constance Kopp and a real buggy and motorcycle crash.)  I, for one, hope this is the beginning of a series.  I like Constance, I like the historical feel, and I enjoyed the hint of a possible romance with the sheriff. For those who like Susan Elia MacNeal and Mary Miley, this is a great read.