Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin

Hello historical fiction/fictional biography/touch of non graphic romance fans!  A shout out to fans of Victorian England and the monarchy as well.  And finally, salutations Masterpiece Theater junkies!  Ring for tea and get comfy because here is a book for you: Victoria by Daisy Goodwin.  Goodwin wrote the book while she wrote the script for PBS’s Masterpiece 7 part series beginning January 2017.

I liked Daisy Goodwin’s American Heiress–it was a gem in the quarry-but didn’t get into The Fortune Hunter.  Along came Victoria, and based on reviews and my cult like love of Masterpiece Theater, I picked it up.  And put it down 90 pages later. And picked it up the next morning before work…

Goodwin shares Victoria’s life from just before her coronation to her engagement to Albert.  She explores her relationship with her mother and her mother’s advisors, and with Lord Melbourne, her older Prime Minister and advisor.  As with many fictionalized biographies, some of the details are adjusted and imagined for the greater goal of painting a portrait of an historical figure.  Goodwin maintains the emotional core of Victoria so that we can become acquainted with an authentic version of her younger days. She delves into who Victoria really was, rather than the mythical queen  wrapped up in Victorian mores.  I think she thoughtfully reflects her age and developing maturity as well.

Here is your chance to sift through fact and folklore with two companion pieces.

For a more historical picture of the young queen who lent her name to an entire era, try Julia Baird’s Victoria:  The Queen.  This non fiction offering might satisfy the history buffs.

Masterpiece Theater will air the 7 part series in January 2017.  I suspect this will follow the book with slightly more glamorous players.


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