To Capture What We Cannot Keep by Beatrice Colin

Emile Nouguier is a French engineer working on the Eiffel Tower with Gustav Eiffel, for completion by the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris. His mother would like him to run the family glass business, to marry, and to provide her with grandchildren, all before her imminent death.   Caitriona Wallace is a young Scottish widow from Glasgow, living when her only options were to remarry (no prospects) or become a nanny.  She is hired to accompany a sister and brother as they travel the continent and again as the brother begins work for Eiffel. Emile and Caitriona meet on a hot air balloon ride, in the sky where the playing field, so to speak, is level.   They find themselves instantly attracted, but because of their different social classes, take a long time to fall in love.  The third part of their flirtation is Emile’s lover and then ex-mistress Gabrielle, who manages to embroil herself with the brother and sister Caitriona minds.

To Capture What We Cannot Keep is a classic Victorian love tale reminiscent of a Bronte or Jane Austen, and a historical sketch of the limits and opportunities afforded men and women in the late 1800s, all with the backdrop of the construction of a landmark.  In fact, for more information about the Eiffel Tower, and to take their 360 degree panoramic tour, go to  It will really put you in the mood for this good read or for a call to your travel agent.