Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman

A thriller just in time for a beach weekend…

Erin and Mark are newlyweds, honeymooning at a high-end resort on Bora Bora.  Erin is a documentary maker who is currently chronicling the lives of three felons preparing to be released from prison.  Her very successful husband Mark is not so successful anymore…he is fired from his job in finance just before the wedding.  Someone turned him in for finding a new job before he could leave on his own terms.  Erin and Mark seem to be in love in all ways.  What could possibly come between them?

Erin and Mark are scuba diving mid honeymoon and discover a duffel bag along with a crashed plane.  They need to decide what to do with what they have seen.

What I like:  Erin is a great narrator, drawing me in from the very first page and not scaring me but building suspense steadily.  I believe in her relationship and I believe her intentions.  I love the exploration of her choices, and they way she looks back to try to identify the point of no return, and the way she looks forward to see what her choices will cost her.

I have been anticipating a book I could just get lost in–one whose pages I can’t stop turning.  Something in the Water is it.  Put a copy on reserve at the library soon!