Legal Resources

In addition to the legal references available at our library, you can find free legal resources at the following locations:

Donald L. Garbrecht Law Library
Located at 246 Deering Ave in Portland, this library specializes in legal materials and, though part of the university, is open to the public. The staff at the law library cannot act as legal council, but they can assist you in your efforts to educate yourself on legal matters. To learn more, explore their website.

Law and Legislative Reference LibraryThe Law and Legislative Reference Library is a nonpartisan branch of the Maine State Legislature. They are a source of legal and governmental information. They do not act as legal council and they will not give interpretations of the law. You can contact them through their website or reach them by phone at (207) 287-1600.

Pine Tree Legal Assistance
A nonprofit offering free legal help to low income people, Pine Tree Legal Assistance has offices throughout the state of Maine. Visit their website for information on the wide variety of services they provide.