Meeting Room Use

Covid-19 regulations restrict the public use of any space at this time. Upon the lifting of these restrictions, our online meeting room reservation system will be implemented.

As a community gathering place, Falmouth Memorial Library makes meeting rooms available for people to come together to exchange ideas and information.  This supports the Library’s mission to provide opportunities for cultural experiences, life-long learning, and access to information on a variety of topics.

The public’s use of the Library’s meeting rooms is protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Any meeting room open to the public is designated as a limited public forum for expressive activity. This requires that its use not be restricted on the basis of the content or viewpoint of the group’s speech. Permission to use a Library meeting room does not constitute or imply the Library’s co-sponsorship of the event, or its endorsement of any group’s policies, beliefs, or programs.


The Library has several multi-purpose rooms designed for varied educational and cultural activities such as lectures, workshops, meetings, or performances, available for use outside of the Library’s public service hours for a rental fee. These include The Russell Room which may be divided in half for separate meetings and the Conference Room.  For the purpose of this policy, the library’s multi-purpose rooms are referred to as meeting rooms, the group activities occurring in these rooms are referred to as meetings, and organizations using the Library’s meeting rooms, regardless of their legal status or organizational structure, are referred to as groups.

Additionally, the Library has several smaller rooms designed for small group or individual study, called Study Rooms, a Teen Meeting Room located in the Teen Room, and a Meeting Room.  The Study Rooms, the Teen Meeting Room, and the Meeting Room are not available for rental use and not available for use outside of the Library’s public service hours.