Habits of the House by Fay Weldon

13810290Downton Abbey fans, now that season 3 has come to a close for us American viewers, are you looking for a Downton Abbey-ish read to fill the gap until season 4?  You might find it in Fay Weldon’s Habits of the House.  Habits is the first book in Weldon’s new trilogy, and it is light but entertaining fare.  The more you read, the better it gets.

The House is the House of Dilberne, 1899.  The Earl has lost his fortune and decides the answer to his financial problems is for his son Arthur to marry the daughter of a successful American business man.  The daughter has her own reasons for looking for a prince in Europe, and without today’s social media, she just might get away with it.  Imagine the fabulous costumes, the scenic vistas, the actors, and enjoy a purely entertaining read.