The Darkness Knows by Cheryl Honigsford

Vivian Witchell is rising through the ranks at WCHI, a Chicago radio station in the 1930s. From cameos on less sought after productions to a bigger role in the popular radio show “The Darkness Knows,”  Vivian’s potential seems to increase daily.  When she finds another star, Marjorie Fox, murdered in the station, she moves seamlessly into a new part: private detective.  A note threatening Lorna (Vivian’s character on Darkness) adds incentive to finding the murderer.  Luckily, PI Charles Haverman is on the job.

The Darkness Knows is pure delight.  It is a delicious, pleasurable read with a comfortable predictability, which can be very enjoyable.  Vivian is like-able, Chicago in the 1930s as described by Honigford has some curb appeal for this reader, and you get a decent mystery without the graphic details some thrillers boast.  Some reviewers criticize the predictability and the choice on the author’s part not to play up the setting more, and to be a bit less likely in her plot.  I say this is the first of a series.  We need to begin to get the lay of the land, get to know the characters and explore their relationships both real and potential.  I for one, look forward to Holidays on Ice, Honigford’s second installment.  If like me, you read Nancy Drew mysteries by the armful as a child, and read mysteries by the author/series as an adult voraciously, give The Darkness Knows a try.